NTFD Firefighters installing a fence for the National Day of Service Project
NTFD Firefighters installing a fence for the National Day of Service Project

Welcome to the North Tooele Fire District

A special service district was established on October 6, 1987, known as North Tooele County Fire Protection Service District. AKA, North Tooele County Fire District. The District covers a 1,700 square-mile area and serves a population of approximately 10,000 people. We currently have 43 volunteer firefighters. We began running as First Responders in 1992 and have since upgraded to a Level I (intermediate) service with many of these people being certified EMT's.

The towns of Pine Canyon, Erda, Stansbury Park and Lake Point are serviced by North Tooele County Fire District. The four stations house 16 response vehicles and two Haz-Mat Decontamination trailers. Anticipating the need for a new, larger station at Stansbury Park, we began collecting Impact Fees in July 1997. We broke ground in March of 2007 on the new Stansbury Park Fire Station. We had our open house in May of 2008 and the station was officially opened. We are currently using this station as the headquarters of the North Tooele County Fire District. It has a full time staff that oversees the ever increasing tasks of maintenance and administration. The staff is also fully trained in fire and EMS to better protect the citizens of our largest populated areas.

We are currently renovating our Lake Point Fire Station. Many years have gone by since the opening of this grand station and it is time to update and replace some of the worn out flooring and windows. This project should be finished by this spring. We are excited to bring this station back to the forefront of the district and re-instill the sense of pride that once existed in this community.


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Erda Station

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